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Alain Renaud (France), Alexis Wochenmarkt (Belgium), Alex Raguet (France), Bart Becks (Belgium), Clas Beese (Germany), Christian Saublens (Belgium), Emma Fau (Belgium), Eva Serlachius (Finland), Fabien Risterucci (France), Frederic Baud (France), Guillaume Desclee (Belgium), Iwona Mertin (Belgium), Jamie Hartzell (Great Britain), Karol Krol (Poland), Katelijn Tailly (Belgium), Korstiaan Zandvliet (The Netherlands), Liam Collins (Great Britain), Lionel Slusny (France), Pascal De Keyser (Belgium), Paulo Silva Pereira (Portugal), Reinhard Willfort (Austria), Rhydian Lewis (Great Britain), Robert van Meer (The Netherlands), Simon Deane-Johns (Great Britain), Thierry Merquiol (France), Tim Meuleman (The Netherlands), Yann Le Jeune (France), Yannis Pierrakis (Great Britain)


Kristof De Buysere (Belgium)
lectures Business Law in International Business Administration at Tilburg University, where he also undertakes PhD research. He also consults early stage to pre-IPO technology companies with regard to fundraising.

Oliver Gajda (Germany)
is Co-Chair of the European Crowdfunding Network. Previously he worked with venture capital, microfinance, technology and social entrepreneurship in Europe and the USA.

Ronald Kleverlaan (The Netherlands)
is co-founder of WEBclusive, a software company specialised on crowdfunding. He also founded the Dutch Crowdfunding Roundtable and is co-founder of the European Crowdfunding Network.

Dan Marom (Israel)
co-authored a pioneering book on crowdfunding titled The CrowdFunding Revolution (with Kevin Lawton). He has been engaged in various R&D and management assignments for several years as a technologist and Founder & CEO of a start-up company.

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